Posted by: archaeoikon | July 28, 2010

Ye Sygne of Swanne

Off to the North Country  I went to help produce an episode of archaeological television. So, what would  be my line? One of the decisions interns have to make is what aspect of the production they most want to work on. A few months ago I might have said camerawork, but I am firmly moving into direction now, so that was really the position I wanted to shadow.

Very soon after arrival we were challenged to help with a new project, creation of a blog site which would maybe bring the program live to its followers in the future for some interactive  experience from off site. This reminds me of the old  “Challenge Anneka” program which ran in the UK years ago, but at that time it was all done with a bank of phones as I recall.

Setting up a blog at high speed and making it work well in three days turns out to be at least as perilous as you might expect and the logistics are  a bit tricky when doing it from remote sites without much advance planning.  But we got it going, (more or less) and learned some good lessons that will help us improve it when we go south next week to try blogging another dig. New host site, new design, new rules to keep us from doing too much filming and to allow us to do occasional longer edited pieces.

I may adapt the idea to this site in three weeks time when I begin to film for my own planned documentary short in California.


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